Network and WiFi Solutions

Network wifi system installation for all your business needs

You don’t need to be telepathic to communicate around your business we have a multitude of network wifi system installation solutions to give you guaranteed coverage no matter how big your business is. With a modern Mesh Wifi system we can build a seamless network of bases that can extend through point to point units to neighbouring buildings if necessary.

The system can be expanded to cover the largest commercial property through offices and factory floors to adjacent buildings if necessary. The configuration can also be changed to suit whatever your needs are, certain areas can have guest Wifi access and different offices can have different access permissions. from the directors office to the boardroom and down to the factory floor. multiple solutions all under one roof.

The system can be set up with full cloud management form us giving us full outside service control to find and solve any faults remotely, that along with our other IT service support can give you the full peace of mind to keep you business running as smoothly as possible.

To compliment and sometimes as a necessity to make your Audio Visual Installation work you need your Network and Wi-Fi system brought up to scratch. We have looked into this extensively for our customers and have the technical knowledge and a range of equipment to solve your Network and Wi-Fi needs.

Added to that with our IT partners Anglian Internet we can extend our services to give you help and support throughout your entire business for Servers, Broadband, VoIP Phone systems to Data backup and online support.

With a host of satisfied customers throughout Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge you can be sure of a fast friendly service with no faceless automated phone systems.





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