Zoned Background Music Systems

Pub and Restaurant Zoned Background Audio System

With over 30 years experience in pub and restaurant zoned background audio system. We offer a bespoke  systems with fully controllable input and volume plates for each music zone. Our systems will let you the select a choice of 6 audio inputs which can be selected to a different source in each zone or the same. The volume level is also adjustable independently for each zone, Of you have announcements or hold pub quizzes for instance  wireless microphones can easily be added to be heard over the top of the music in any zone you choose at the level you best suited for your premises.

Equally important to you as a customer is the careful design and location of the speakers, background audio systems are designed fora soft all round sound, with experienced design the audio should be light and all around you without noticeable direction. Not enough speakers and higher volume has to be selected  to cover audio dead spots in the room, this will cause areas of the premises to be to loud causing customers keep away from them. At a lower volume  you get quiet areas which lack atmosphere keeping people away.

Not that we want  to flood your Business with speakers in every corner, that’s just overkill, unfortunately a lot of the restaurants and public houses have audio systems that tend to get bodged up with cheap domestic amps, HiFi bits mixed with mismatched speakers causing distorted sound and impedance overload that makes the amps cook red hot until they blow. Audio system are not just thrown up speakers are carefully matched to the amplifiers either in 4 or  8 Ohm impedance and with larger more common commercial 100v line systems. A little more cost at the beginning gets you a balance well designed system and that will look and sound great for years and maintenance free years to come.

If you have a Restaurant, Public House or retail establishment Audio System in need of a decent zoned audio system in Norwich , Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridge give us a call for an informal chat or free site survey, we can offer a wealth of experience to give you the atmosphere your venue deserves.