Business Audio Systems

Business Audio systems

come in all shapes and sizes, the most important thing is to match the right equipment to the venue. Hear at Totally-AV we have over 30 years experience in Audio Visual systems and installations, over this time we have amassed a large knowledge of domestic and commercial audio systems all of which are very different in equipment and installation required.

The commercial audio systems are a lot more challenging and becomes a lot more about control and sound matching to the type of venue the system is going in, restaurants and eatery pubs are usually separated into zones of background music with inputs and volume controllers in each relevant zones, with club pubs larger speakers and subwoofers all worked out into zones and balanced with larger power amplifiers are required.

This is only a brief overview as there are lots of systems for lots of other commercial installations like Public Address, conference and meeting rooms with microphones and hearing aid loops to consider, needless to say the systems are worked out after consultation and site survey of the venue and it’s needs.