Background Music

Commercial Music System Installation

With over 30 years experience in Commercial Music System Installation in Background Music and Zoned Audio Systems in a variety of environments from Department stores, restaurants and public houses. We offer you intelligently designed systems with controllable input and volume over multiple audio zones. The typical system will allow you a choice of audio inputs that can be played differently or the same over each zone. The volume level of your choice can be selected and adjusted in each zone as desired. Just add your choice of music provider and enjoy ambient reliable sound for years to come.

Equally important to your business is the careful choice of design and placement of the speakers themselves. Background audio systems are designed to live up to their name and provide background music with audio that’s light and even without noticeable direction. Too few speakers and the volume levels have to be turned up to reach the audio dead spots in customer area. This causes areas of the room to be uncomfortably loud causing customers to naturally shy away from them. With the volume lower you create audio dead spots which have no atmosphere which drives people away from them too.

This isn’t an excuse to flood your business with speakers in every corner of your business instead the system should be well thought out to cover all areas. Taking into account the tone and sound ambiance on a premises by premises basis to provide the exact atmosphere the customer is trying to achieve. With years of Background Music and Audio systems installed throughout Norwich and Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge we are proud to have customers including Jarrolds Department Store. The Granary Store Norwich. The Sugarbeat Public house. Mindoro Coffee shop and many more on our list of happy clients.