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Presentation system installation

The requirements of a modern presentation system installation have grown over the years as venues are used for an ever increasing variety of users. From cinema showings to council debates and guest speakers to local dance classes. The one thing that all the things have in common is the Presentation System Installation needs to have a good clear screen, good sound and is easy to control. Most of the Village and community halls and local authority venues are used be a multitude of different users, if they can’t control the equipment without tuition the best equipment in the world becomes unusable.

We build and design our systems around the customer and their requirements. We also offer experience and advice on the requirements the customer probably hasn’t even thought of. This gives a you a system that’s looks better and sounds better than you may have imagined. More importantly through design and simple control this will give you a system that anyone can easily use. A simple wall control unit can make the world of difference to a system. One touch and the projector comes on and the screen drops as the whole system is ready for use. simple source keys allow you to select the input you wish to present from and the volume up or down buttons speak for them selves.

Through years of experience we have installed a large array of village and community halls throughout the Norwich and Norfolk area as well as many council venues for Reepham Town Council, Norwich City Council and Mildenhall Town Council. The equipment we have installed is robust and easy to use. So much so that a problem or the need for a service call is a very rare occurrence. On the larger presentation systems we have installed for the Norfolk Constabulary, RAF Honinton and many installations for RAF Marham.